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The Society of Soil Scientists of Southern New England (SSSSNE) aims to advance the profession of soil science and to identify trained and qualified individuals who are bona fide soil scientists. The basic qualification requirement for membership is an educational background in soil science and closely related sciences.

BASIC MEMBER status requires a baccalaureate degree with 30 semester credit hours in the biological, physical, chemical, and earth sciences, with a minimum of 15 of these semester credits in soil science courses, meeting the following distribution:

A) A minimum of three semester credits in Soil Genesis, Classification, Morphology, and Mapping.

B) The remaining soil science credits must be in at least three of the following six categories:

1) Introductory Soil Science
2) Soil Chemistry/Fertility
3) Soil Physics
4) Soil Microbiology/Biochemistry
5) Soil Survey Interpretations/Soils and Land Use/Soils and the Environment
6) Independent Study/Seminar/Geology (three-credit maximum)
NOTE: Course(s) must be related to soil science.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBER status requires the qualifications of Basic Member, plus three years (full-time equivalent) experience in soil science, subject to approval. M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in soil science each count as one year of experience. Applicants must provide information detailing types and amount of soil science experience along with letters from two qualified soil scientists attesting to the applicant's qualifications and work experience. Fees for Basic Member and Professional Member are $40.00 each per calendar year.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER status requires only a positive interest in supporting the aims and objectives of the Society. Membership fees are $20.00 per calendar year.

If you wish to join SSSSNE, please complete the application form and submit it with your membership fee, payable to SSSSNE. You can either mail the form, check, and documents to PO Box 258, Storrs, CT. 02628 or send documents to ssssne1974@gmail.com - Fees for new applicants are non-refundable. You must also provide an official transcript(s) of your college courses and experience documents, as required. All applications are subject to review and approval by the SSSSNE Board of Directors. Persons applying after August 1 will be considered for membership beginning January 1 of the following year.

Membership Upgrade Standards and Procedures

A question often asked by Basic Members of our Society is "How do I get upgraded to Professional Member status?"

This is not automatic, however, the process is simple:

  1. Petition the Board of Directors by sending a letter requesting an upgrade. Include a membership application for Professional Member
  2. Attach a professional resume documenting your education and work experiences:

    1. Three years, full time, equivalent, work in soil sciences after meeting the criteria for Basic Member status is required.
    2. MS and PhD degrees in soil science each qualify as one year of experience.
    3. The Board of Directors will evaluate your experience, time and kind, as presented and determine if it meets the Society's requirements.
  3. Have two qualified soil scientists write letters on your behalf indicating that they know you and are familiar with your work experience.